Seitan, vegetarian wheat meat.

Seitan meat used in multiple dishes.

I photographed Seitan, a vegetarian wheat meat, for advertising and labels a few weeks ago. It was a challenge to cook the meat at the right temperature to keep a nice and appealing color, without having to use post-production to fix it...

Back to school cookies are here...!

Back to school cookies

Don't these look delicious? I photograph those Oreo cookies covered in Belgian chocolate for Golden Edibles. The picture is being used by FTD as a banner on their 'back to school' page, because they are selling those thru their website.

They look good, and they were great!

The light is changing....

The available light is getting lower, thus warmer especially later in the day; Great time to use a balance of available light and stobe to light your food.

It's Halloween time...

Already shot Halloween Chocolate Covered Goodies for Golden Edibles and FTD!

Choose a nice angle...

When photographing food, or most anything, find the best angle. Look around, move around. Closer.... There you go!



Keep it simple!

When photographing food, keep the lighting simple. You don't need multiple sources of light; a main light well positioned depending of what you are photographing, a few reflectors et voila!

You are served!

Have a good day/

Importance of lighting in Food Photography.

Have you noticed how the lighting in a picture is important? We may not analyze it when looking at a picture yet it is crucial to a good picture. It sets the mood for the vision of the art director or client or photographer and is such an important part of a professional photographer's tool kit!

The quality of the lighting is what sets amateur and professional photographers apart. It doesn't have to be complicated, just well executed!

Have a great day.

Welcome to my new blog!

I will try to come here and keep you interested in photography in general, and food photography in particular. And sometimes, share my opinion on life...

A little bit of introduction on me:

I have photographed a wide variety of assignments, won a few awards, made a lot of friends, learned a lot of tricks and secrets on my way to being a food photographer!

Have a great day!